Frequently Asked Questions

How will construction affect traffic on I-64 and I-264? 

To minimize inconvenience to motorists, all lane closures along I-64 and I-264 associated with this project will occur during scheduled, off-peak hours. Lane closures and construction information will be announced weekly throughout the project. Major closures will be announced further in advance.

How will construction affect traffic on the side roads within the project corridor?

Construction for Phase I will impact traffic on Curlew Drive, Kempsville Road and Pleasant Point Drive at various points during the project. Lane closures will be publicized in advance through travel alerts and on this project website. Phase II impacts will be announced once construction for that portion of the project is ready to begin and the schedule is known.

When will construction begin and how long will the project take to complete?

Construction on Phase I will begin in November 2016 and has a scheduled completion date of October 2019. Construction of Phase II will begin after a contract is awarded. The Phase II contract is expected to be advertised in 2017.

Will construction of Phase II overlap with that of Phase I?

Yes, major construction activities within both projects is expected to overlap for an extended period.